Natural Home Remedies For Eczema

Chinese herbs have medicinal effects which can cure so many diseases. Ginger, radish, scindapsus, black piper, an seed and so many spices and vegetables coming under this category which generally we use on daily basis to prepare our dishes. Let's discus about the medicinal effect of one most commonly use vegetable named as radish.

Ribbed gourd or torai boiled in coconut oil is a effective remedy of this problem. Cut this vegetable into short pieces and dry those pieces preferably in the shade. Soak these in coconut oil and keep the oil for 3-4 days for getting mixtured well. Now boil the mixture till it become a darkened residue. The oil should be massaged into the scalp. For restoring the pigments and making your hairs good it is very good and effective.


If the hair fall is a persistent problem, do not despair. Squeeze the juice of a lemon in a bowl and add a part of the root of a banyan tree into it. Use this to wash the hair. When the bath is over, apply coconut oil on the scalp. Regular use of this therapy for a few days will solve the problem purity of desi ghee hair fall.

When the milk is allowed to stand undisturbed for some time, there is a tendency for the fat to rise to the top due to difference in the specific gravity of fat and the rest of the components. But the gravity method being very slow, no longer commercially used for the separation of cream.

Be alert to remove the liquid from the heat as the milk solids turn golden brown on the bottom of the pan. Otherwise, the ghee may burn. At this point, you may notice that the ghee smells like popcorn, and you can see tiny bubbles rising from the bottom.



In this article, website some Ayurvedic herbal techniques of hair care are explained. The common problems with hair are falling hair, dull hair and dandruff. Let us see some simple methods of treating these problems.

Modern life style is fast paced and many people just go to office, slog there and then hit the bar and eat up anything and then tired,they just plop on the bed. This life style has its repercussions and one of these is obesity. A combination of obesity and lack of exercise is a warning that you may be prey to diabetes.

It is recommended to avoid high flavored food items, alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea. Also prevent the use of tinned food, denatured cereals like pearled barley, polished rice, white flour products, and sugar. Eat only wholesome and pure foods.

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